• Byron (Producer)

Nickelodeon Showdown (Right Side & Finale)

Alright y'all! Last week we tackled the left side of our Nickelodeon Showdown bracket. This week, we struggle to get through the right side before the final battle. Who will win? Who will lose? Listen and find out! We also talk about "In The Heights" being delayed until 2021 *faints*, HBO Max finally launching next month, and Rica FINALLY started "The Boys."

If you wanna follow along with the bracket, here's the opening round:

- Salute Your Shorts vs Hey Dude

- The Backyardigans vs Gullah Gullah Island

- Dora the Explorer vs Spongebob Squarepants

- Are You Afraid of the Dark? vs Secret World of Alex Mack

- The Amanda Show vs All That

- Bob the Builder vs Little Bear

- Little Bill vs Blue's Clues

- Nickelodeon GUTS vs Legends of the Hidden Temple

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